Massage with Kimi on Maui

Kimi has been a Licensed Massage Therapist on Maui since 2006.  She specializes in Traditional Lua Lomi Hawaiian massage, Orthopedic Massage Therapy, and Therapeutic Deep Tissue massage

Kimi has experience with Body Maneuvers, Orthopedic Massage therapy, and active isolated stretching techniques. These techniques increase circulation, lengthen body tissues, create awareness, and enhance flexibility and well being.

DSC_6983DSC_6983-250She has developed a signature style of massage, mixing elements of Hawaiian Lomi, Sports, Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Hot Stone massage.

Kimi incorporates traditional Hawaiian, eastern, and energetic therapies seamlessly into each session to create a personalized experience for every client.

Her clientele over the years has included personal trainers, Pilate instructors, runners, cyclists, golfers and surfers. Beyond working extensively with athletes, Kimi, having practiced in top spas, has perfected the delivery of the relaxing spa experience to Maui Residents and Visitors alike.

Kimi’s approach is investigative, thoughtful, confident, and warm. She works with her clients to ensure that each session meets their individual and specific needs.